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Our Model

Integrated Curriculum

We believe that hands-on career technical education (CTE) – in the classroom, in the workshop, and on the job-site – prepares students with the knowledge and skills for successful futures in construction-related careers. We believe that pairing CTE with aligned academics provides students with the skills necessary to adapt and grow throughout their careers.

Passion for Life-long Learning

We believe that the unique combination of CTE and aligned academics spark student passion for learning while encouraging other essential life skills such as critical thinking, communication, and teamwork.

Individualized Planning and Support

 We believe that engaging students 1:1 in planning and refining their course of study throughout their high school career prepares graduates for success in their chosen educational and career paths.

Community Partnerships

We believe that close collaboration with local industry and post-secondary institutions provides students with access to work experiences, industry-recognized credentials, and post-secondary credit that set them up for immediate success upon graduation.

Career and College Readiness

 We believe that an explicit focus on the skills necessary in college and careers provides students with opportunities to receive feedback and develop these skills that will set them up for success.

School Performance Plan

Find our school performance plan here

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