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Ms. Julie Carver has been hired to serve as the Executive Director and brings strong leadership expertise to SNTHS, particularly in the areas of strategic direction, community partnerships and engagement, and financial oversight and management. Ms. Carver has a robust set of experience serving students who are traditionally under-served. Prior to accepting the position of Executive Director of SNTHS, Ms. Carver served as the Executive Director of The Dominguez Dream, a nonprofit organization that partners with underserved elementary students. Prior to that, Ms. Carver was the Foundation Director/School Director of PRIDE Industries for five years. Ms. Carver oversaw their Foundation, which funds job supports, internships, and vocational training for people with disabilities including, veterans and foster youth. In addition, she oversaw PRIDE Ascend, a vocational training program offering industry certifications to individuals with disabilities. In this role, she managed two schools: one in Texas and one in California. From 2011 to 2015, Ms. Carver served as an Associate Superintendent in Catholic schools operated by the Diocese of Sacramento. She oversaw 11 schools and two school boards, including Principal supervision, resource management, and board relations. Prior to her years with the Diocese, Ms. Carver served as President/Principal at Ursuline High School in Santa, Rosa CA from 2007-2011.

Ms. Julie Carver - Executive Director

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Delivering Quality Education in Diverse Settings

Ms. Wadsworth will be our Principal.  Active in the South Florida and Las Vegas educational sphere, Candi Wadsworth has held a number of academic leadership positions over the past decade. As principal of a K-8 Charter in North Las Vegas, Candi Wadsworth oversaw strategic planning and curriculum goal setting. Working with faculty and administrators, she designed programs that helped improve student performance and build a positive school culture.

Ms. Wadsworth previously spent four years at Nellis Air Force Base Campus as assistant principal. Aligned with Nevada Educators Performance Framework (NEPF) standards, she provided monitoring and mentorship of lead teachers and instructional coaches, while supporting classroom management and instruction. She also helped coordinate tests across the curriculum and oversaw trainings that met state mandates.

Ms. Wadsworth has extensive experience working in Title 1 schools and increasing student performance and learning gains. Ms. Candi Wadsworth believes every student is capable of being successful, it just takes the right person to teach them in the way that they learn best. We are not creating widgets we are creating people; therefore, we must realize there is no cookie-cutter approach to student success.

Ms. Candi Wadsworth - Principal


Mrs. Dawn Marsh-Registrar


Mrs. Dawn Marsh is our Registrar. She comes to us from over 8 years’ experience in K-8 Charter School in North Las Vegas. She is very talented in helping small businesses make a big impact. She is efficient in streamlining procedures and protocols and is spearheading our safety committee. 

Dawn hails from Michigan but has been in Las Vegas for 11 years. Her Alma Mater is the University of Tennessee where she played Golf and has a double Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Engineering. 

Dawn is a team player and brings lots of sunshine! She and her husband have one son in middle school and is mom to two pomskies Kylo and Kenobi. She loves weekend trips to Disney and traveling the country on Holidays! 

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