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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Southern Nevada Trades High School?


Southern Nevada Trades High School (SNTHS) is a free public charter school that offers a unique educational experience to Las Vegas high school students. With a focus on both college and career readiness, SNTHS provides quality education, industry partnerships, and valuable CTE training in general construction trades. By attending SNTHS, students can benefit from a supportive learning environment, flexible scheduling, diverse elective options, and the opportunity to explore their interests and talents while preparing for future success in college or the construction industry. 


What is Southern Nevada Trades High School?


Southern Nevada Trades High School is an independent free public charter school, open to all students.  Our school grew from a partnership between local industry and educators with a desire to provide Las Vegas high school students a quality education that prepares them for both college and career.

Is there a cost for any classes?


Southern Nevada Trades High School is a FREE public charter high school. 


Do you have sports and other extracurriculars like band at SNTHS?

While we don't have our own sports team or band at SNTHS, students may participate at the CCSD school in their home neighborhood.  Click HERE for CCSD policy. 

Where is SNTHS located?


Our school is located in the 89110 zip code in Clark County.  We have remodeled a facility at 1580 Bledsoe Lane.  The cross streets are Nellis and Owens.


What grades are offered at Southern Nevada Trades High School?


At Southern Nevada Trades High School, we will serve grades 9th and 10th this  school year and add a grade per year until we have 9th-12th. Enrollment is closed for this year and will open October 15th for next year.


What will a typical day look like at Southern Nevada Trades High School?


Our school day runs from 8:30 AM to 3:10 PM on Monday to Thursday, and on Fridays, it's a half day, ending at 12:50 PM. 


Lunchtime is from 12:45 PM to 1:25 PM, and rest assured, we provide lunch for our students. We're actively working on a solution to assist with bus transportation. As for homework, we believe in flexibility and individualized learning, so the amount will vary based on each teacher's discretion. 

Is there a dress code that students are required to abide by? 


Students are free to express themselves with colored hair, but when it comes to footwear, closed-toed shoes are a must (sorry, no Crocs!). As for attire, we have a dress code that includes jeans or khakis paired with white polos and other items that fall under our color requirements.

What classes will the 9th graders be participating in? 

Typically, 9th-grade students take all core classes, including math, science, English language arts, history, CTE (Career and Technical Education) courses, and a Wheel elective that includes one quarter each of financial literacy, health, computers, and PE. 


What type of electives does SNTHS offer? 

As a trades high school, your electives will encompass your construction classes in grades 10-12.  In 9th grade, the wheel described above are your electives.


​​What trades are students trained for and how do SNTHS industry partnerships supplement our programs?


In our program, students are trained for general construction trades, equipping them with valuable skills. We are partnering with the local construction industry to offer internships during 11th and 12th grade, providing students with a valuable foot in the door for future opportunities. We will be holding career fairs featuring these partners each year and offering students the opportunity to meet future employers.

​​Will teachers speak Spanish or are translators available? 


Our school will not have Spanish translators or teachers who will teach in Spanish. English Language Learner (ELL) students will receive pull-out services as required to support their language development. Following state guidelines, students are encouraged to immerse themselves in English classes to facilitate their learning of English. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all students.


How can I schedule a tour of SNTHS?


Please call the school 702.224.2771 to schedule a tour.


Is SNTHS private or public? 


SNTHS is a public charter school that is free and open to the public.


Will students who graduate SNTHS be prepared for college?


Absolutely! Our graduates will be prepared for both college and careers in the construction trades.  Students may go straight into a 2 or 4-year college program, the construction industry, or even begin to work while they go to school.  Our goal is to provide limitless opportunities for students.

​​How do you know your model will be successful?

We are basing our school on the very successful model of The Academy for Career Education (ACE) in Reno.  ACE is a 5 Star high school (the highest ranking in Nevada) with an over 90% graduation rate.


Enrollment/Lottery Policy

The 2024-25 application opens on October 15, 2023 and a lottery will be held 45 days later if the number of applicants exceeds 300, the number of students we plan to admit in 2024. Priority will be given to families living within 2 miles of the charter school (pursuant to NRS 388A.456). 

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